Learn how to trust your inner wisdom & hone your higher guidance 
so you can discover your dharma.
“It's amazing! Polly has helped me to be able to trust this calling - healing practices through plants and trust the energy that I can see with  people and how to heal them through ancestral  medicines and plant medicines and I’m not  afraid of those messages anymore. I’m able to  
see that they're real and trust them and move forward. It's my purpose and Polly helped me to see that I’m doing a disservice when I ignore that.”  - Sandee - Yoga Teacher/ Healer USA
Change Your Life For The Better
Are you a sensitive spiritual teacher or healer struggling with self doubt, self sabotage, and fear of the Other Side? 
If you'd like help learning how to trust your inner knowing and hone your higher guidance then I invite you to join our Free Live Training:
Welcome To Other Side Channelling Academy

Are you tired of self sabotage? 

Are you ready to dissolve the veils of disbelief between you and the Other Side?

Are you ready to release depleted energy?

It is time to learn the 3 crucial secrets to trust your inner knowing and higher guidance!

Without these you are not using your gifts at your highest potential, you may be carrying energetic weight that is not yours, and hiding what you are meant to offer.

Brain Retraining
Thoughts create our reality
What you think you create.
Limiting beliefs are thoughts we think a lot that hold us back from living our full potential. Becoming aware of limiting beliefs and changing them changes the game!
Energy Alchemy
Transforming dense lower frequency energy allows you the freedom to shine as your whole self. By clearing the dense energy you feel lighter and can see clearly.You align easily with the frequency of your Highest Self and in turn match the frequency of your DHARMA
Other Side Channelling
Clear guidance from the Other Side points you in the right direction. Learning how to tap in and hone your higher guidance aligns you with your unlimited potential. 
Namaste, I'm Polly

I'm so glad you're here!

I help sensitive spiritual teachers and healers to overcome self doubt and fear of the Other Side to trust their inner knowing and higher guidance.
 So that they can understand and develop their gifts without being weighed down by taking on on lower vibrational energy to fulfill their dharma.

Ten years of intensive training and study with spiritual masters in India and Bali, work with hundreds of clients, and my own  personal transformation have given me the framework to help you connect with your inner wisdom - fast!

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