Trust Your Intuition: 5 Life Changing Tools To Go From Self Sabotage to Self Acceptance.

 Other Side Channelling Academy, is a signature spiritual coaching program, that guides mid-life women to move from self sabotage into unconditional self acceptance sober. So that they can have the absolute energy to fulfill their sacred work (Dharma) in the world.
“I came to work with Polly at a time in my life when things weren't going so well. I was not being asked to resign a new contract where I worked. I had started drinking again. I was reacting rather than responding to situations. And just all in all not being the person that I wanted to be. The changes (I have experienced) are phenomenal. There is some definite healing that has taken place in my life since working with Polly. I've had a 180 at work. I was asked to resign a contract. I was given a tremendous raise. I was able to step into who I really am instead of the self sabotaging person that I was being before. I am more in tune, I am softer with my words, more kind, more open, and full of gratitude. The changes have come and they are miraculous. It wasn't what I was expecting and I'm glad I didn't cut myself short because this was much more.” - Ami E. 
Change Your Life For The Better
Other Side Channelling Academy, is a signature spiritual coaching program, that guides mid-life women to move from self sabotage into unconditional self acceptance sober. So that they can have the absolute energy to fulfill their sacred work (Dharma) in the world.

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5 Life Changing Tools To Go From Self Sabotage To Self Acceptance.
Welcome To Other Side Channelling Academy

Are you tired of betraying yourself?

Are you ready to show up in your life as the most aligned authentic version of you?

Are you wanting to step in to self-love, and self-acceptance?

It is time to learn the life changing tools that have helped me and my clients to overcome self sabotage and step into unconditional self love so that we have the absolute energy to fulfill our sacred work in the world. 

Without these you are most likely feeling unworthy, stuck in guilt, and out of alignment with who you know you really are inside.

Brain Retraining
Raising your frequency, a cornerstone of the Otherside Channelling Academy, is a transformative process that acknowledges the vibrational nature of everything, including our thoughts. In this practice, we recognize the impact of our thoughts on our energetic frequency. By shedding self-sabotaging fears and shifting our mindset from fear to love, we initiate a profound elevation of our energetic resonance. This inner transformation enables midlife women to align themselves with a higher, more harmonious frequency, leading to a sense of freedom, alignment, and inner light. Raising your frequency is pivotal in breaking free from self-sabotage and stepping into self-love, laying the groundwork for midlife women to embrace your sacred work with clarity and empowerment.
Energy Alchemy
Energy alchemy is a transformative practice at the heart of the Otherside Channelling Academy, designed to empower midlife women to transcend self-sabotage, embrace self-love, and unleash their potential for sacred work. This practice involves the art of transmuting energy – clearing away stagnant or negative frequencies that we unintentionally absorb from our surroundings. By releasing energy cords and addressing ancestral traumas, energy alchemy creates a sacred inner space, allowing us to reclaim our own energy and cultivate a sense of wholeness. This process fosters deep self-trust and intuition, enabling us to navigate our journey with clarity and authenticity. In the journey from self-sabotage to self-love, energy alchemy serves as a potent catalyst, guiding us towards a harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit.
Other Side Channelling
Fulfilling our sacred work is a journey of profound importance, aligning us with our true purpose and potential. At the Otherside Channelling Academy, a cornerstone of our transformative program, empowers midlife women to transcend self-sabotage and embrace self-love as the essential foundation for their journey. When we shed the weight of self-sabotaging behaviors, we unlock the gateway to unlocking our authentic brilliance. Embracing self-love without dependency empowers us to create lasting change and elevate our impact on the world. By stepping into our sacred work, we not only honor our own growth but also contribute meaningfully to the greater tapestry of life.
Welcome to a transformative journey that's all about you – midlife women stepping into your true power and purpose. If you've ever found yourself grappling with self-sabotage, struggling to embrace your own worth, or seeking the energy to fulfill your sacred calling, then you're in the right place. I'm here to guide you through a path of profound change – a journey from self-sabotage to unconditional self-acceptance, all while remaining sober.

Imagine a life where you are free from the chains of self-sabotage, where you radiate confidence and stand firmly in your authentic self. I've walked this path myself, with over a decade of sobriety and a relentless dedication to spiritual growth. Through my journey, I've unearthed five powerful, life-changing tools that have empowered me to trust my own intuition and fulfill my sacred work in the world.

Now, I'm excited to share these transformative tools with you in my free master class. Join me to discover the keys to unlocking your potential, embracing self-acceptance, and channeling your energy towards your sacred purpose. It's time to step into the radiant, empowered version of yourself that's been waiting to emerge. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience true transformation – watch my free master class and embark on a journey towards lasting change today.

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