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Alchemy of Energy
 Other Side Channelling Academy, is a signature spiritual coaching program, that guides female awakening empaths to feel confident clearing energy so that they can feel safe and empowered navigating in the spirit world as channellers and or mediums.
“I came to work with Polly at a time in my life when things weren't going so well. I was not being asked to resign a new contract where I worked. I had started drinking again. I was reacting rather than responding to situations. And just all in all not being the person that I wanted to be. The changes (I have experienced) are phenomenal. There is some definite healing that has taken place in my life since working with Polly. I've had a 180 at work. I was asked to resign a contract. I was given a tremendous raise. I was able to step into who I really am instead of the self sabotaging person that I was being before. I am more in tune, I am softer with my words, more kind, more open, and full of gratitude. The changes have come and they are miraculous. It wasn't what I was expecting and I'm glad I didn't cut myself short because this was much more.” - Ami E. 
Change Your Life For The Better
Other Side Channelling Academy is a signature spiritual coaching program that guides 
awakening female empaths to go from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of their sensitivity to energy to feeling confident clearing and alchemizing energy so that they can feel safe and protected navigating the spirit world.

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5 Steps to Energy Alchemy
Welcome To Other Side Channelling Academy

Do you take on other people's energy?
Are you confused by what energy is your and what is not?
Do you feel weighed down and anxious without a reason?

It is time to learn the life changing tools that have helped me and my clients  to go from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of their sensitivity to energy to feeling confident in clearing energy so that they can feel safe and protected navigating in the spirit world.

Without these you are most likely feeling overwhelmed, heavy, weighed down, and anxious.

Brain Retraining
Frequency refers to the rate at which energy vibrates or oscillates. In the context of spirituality and energy work, frequency refers to the vibrational level of one's energy field or aura. Essentially, it represents the quality and intensity of the energy that surrounds and permeates our being.
Energy Alchemy
Energy alchemy is the practice of transforming and transmuting energy from one form to another, particularly focusing on shifting lower vibrational energies into higher, more positive frequencies. For awakening empaths seeking confidence in clearing energy and navigating the spirit world, energy alchemy is crucial.
Other Side Channelling
When we feel safe and protected from lower vibrational energy as a result of knowing what it is and how to clear it we are able to connect with the spirit world in a way that feels empowering.
Welcome and I am so glad that you are here! If you are an awakening female empath then you are in the right place.  Before I learned how to clear energy I felt overwhelmed by my sensitivity. It felt scary, and to be honest I wanted to run in the other direction. But when I learned that everything that I feel is not mine and gained the tools to transform and transmute energy, my life transformed. If you are struggling with taking on other people's energy and want to feel confident in navigating the spirit world I am here to help! See you on the inside.

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