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Other Side Channelling Academy is a signature spiritual coaching program that guides 
awakening female empaths to go from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of their sensitivity to energy to feeling confident clearing and alchemizing energy so that they can feel safe and empowered navigating the spirit world as a channeller / and or medium.

Client Success Story

"Other Side Channelling Academy has given me tools to help me tune into my body and emotions more deeply. A light shines my path in a much brighter and clearer way than before. 
Through specific routines and practices as inspired by our weekly sessions. I feel clearer about my purpose and more in tune with the other side. I also trust myself more."
- Brenda - Social Worker/Therapist

Namaste! I'm Polly Green, a spiritual coach, channeler, medium, and energy worker.
I was born sensitive to energy.
As a young child I gave space to the spirits in the attic of my grandmother's house; and I could telepathically communicate with my dog.
I saw angels and light beings and yearned to go back to my spirit home. 
In my twenties I inadvertently channeled the deceased mother of my then boyfriend and frankly it scared us both.
I sought guidance from psychics and healers who taught me how to use my sensitivity.
I regularly communicated with friends who had died on THE OTHER SIDE, and worked as a psychic interpreter for an energy healer. 
I started doing mediumship readings for clients, after an accidental encounter with the deceased father of a friend.
After many years of focused spiritual study, psychic practice, and work with over a hundred clients I learned:
How to raise your frequency, and teach you how to maintain it.
How to clear your energy, your space, your energy field, and teach you how to do it.
How to know what energy is yours and what’s not.
How to connect you to your spirit team on THE OTHER SIDE
How to use your psychic gifts. 
How to psychically protect yourself. 
I transformed my sensitivities into my biggest asset
 - a rainbow bridge to THE OTHER SIDE.

Learn the 10 Steps To Feel Energetically Safe and Protected 
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Raise Your Vibration
A daily practice along with regular energy work is absolutely vital in order to maintain our inner space.
It helps us to process and purify.
It gives us time and space to be truly with ourselves.

Know Yourself
Once your house is clean of the energy that is not yours, you start knowing your neutral.
You begin to actually know who you are!
For so long many of us have not been fully inhabiting our bodies.

Grace is what makes the magic happen.
Grace knows the state of our internal house and is 
more inclined to visit when it is clean and we have 
prepared for her.
Learning to feel confident clearing energy requires a new set of tools. This guide is a proven roadmap to take us from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of our sensitivity to energy to feeling confident clearing and alchemizing energy so that we can feel safe and protected navigating in the spirit world!

This formula has taken me over a decade of intensive spiritual study with Himalayan Masters, initiations and years of training with a Balinese priest, pilgrimages that include: solo motorcycling through the Himalayas to monasteries and temples, 30 days spent alone in the wilderness thru hiking the Colorado Trail, multiple 10 day Vipassana meditation courses, years of intensive yoga training, and 1:1 work with clients to distill.
That's not all...
Grab the guide, and I'll also show you:
Raise Your Frequency
Frequency refers to the rate at which energy vibrates or oscillates. In the context of spirituality and energy work, frequency refers to the vibrational level of one's energy field or aura. Essentially, it represents the quality and intensity of the energy that surrounds and permeates our being.
Energy Alchemy
Energy alchemy is the practice of transforming and transmuting energy from one form to another, particularly focusing on shifting lower vibrational energies into higher, more positive frequencies. For awakening empaths seeking confidence in clearing energy and navigating the spirit world, energy alchemy is crucial.
Spirit Team
We all have a spiritual team. When we learn how to listen to them and ask for assistance we open the door to Grace.

Practical Tools
Knowing what energy is ours and what energy is not ours requires a new set of tools that we learn to use on a daily basis to help us navigate in both the material and spirit worlds.

Other Side Channelling Academy
Are you an awakening empath feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of your spiritual sensitivity? Do you find yourself struggling to navigate the complexities of the spirit world alone?  As a female empath who has walked this path, I understand the challenges and uncertainties you face. But here's the good news: I can help. With my guidance and expertise, you'll learn to embrace your sensitivity, clear negative energies, and confidently navigate the spirit world. Together, we'll transform your sensitivity to energy into a source of empowerment and spiritual growth. Take the first step toward reclaiming your power and grab the guide today.

Other Side Channelling Academy Client Success Stories

 I have greater peace, more love for myself, have experienced magic, spontaneous surprises, freedom from limiting beliefs, I feel reprogrammed and totally blown away.”

- Lizzie 
Writer / Celebrant
Oregon, USA

 "I trust my intuition, feel in my power, and have the confidence and clear guidance to help serve my community. I have stepped into my purpose."

- Sandee 
Yoga Teacher / Healer
Oregon, USA

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