10 Steps To Radical Self Acceptance Sober
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 Other Side Channelling Academy, is a signature spiritual coaching program, that guides mid-life women to lose the desire to drink so that they can stop using alcohol as a crutch and feel radical self acceptance sober.

Radical Self Acceptance Success Story

“I came to work with Polly at a time in my life when things weren't going so well. I was not being asked to resign a new contract where I worked. I had started drinking again. I was reacting rather than responding to situations. And just all in all not being the person that I wanted to be. The changes (I have experienced) are phenomenal. There is some definite healing that has taken place in my life since working with Polly. I've had a 180 at work. I was asked to resign a contract. I was given a tremendous raise. I was able to step into who I really am instead of the self sabotaging person that I was being before. I am more in tune, I am softer with my words, more kind, more open, and full of gratitude. The changes have come and they are miraculous. It wasn't what I was expecting and I'm glad I didn't cut myself short because this was much more.” - Ami E.

Namaste! I am Polly 
I guide women in their 40's and 50's to go from thinking they might like to give up drinking to stop using alcohol as a crutch so that they can like who they see looking back at them in the mirror every day.

Over a decade ago I started down the self awakening path. I had been dabbling in yoga and meditation for a few years, but in no way considered myself a "yoga person".

The ending of a not so healthy relationship and the death of a friend inspired me to enroll in a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course taught by teacher S.N Goenka. 

Sitting with myself in silence, stone cold sober for 11 hours a day with no where to run, left me with some undeniable truths. 

If I was to die right then I would have a lot of regrets. 

Drinking and the behaviors that ensued when I drank were not in alignment with who I knew I really was. 

I committed there and then to quit drinking and get myself back into alignment. 

It was not easy.

I came out of competition retirement and dove back into training as a whitewater kayaking athlete and set my sights on winning the 2011 world championships, while at the same time white knuckling my sobriety. 

My self esteem was zero, and my mental state felt crazy. 

When I failed at my second world title attempt I saw through the illusion. 

Being the world champion was not going to bring me the internal love and acceptance I was seeking, even if I did achieve it. 

I followed my intuition and the little voice inside that was nudging me to journey within.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and was led to India and the ancient path of yoga. 

Spiritual teachers, healers and the powerful Ganges River helped me to shed all that was no longer serving me. 

I learned tools to journey into the dark.

I surrendered to feeling the pain and emotions I had been numbing, and this set me free.

Mental clarity, freedom of thought, and present moment awareness: inner states I chased through mind altering substances, and adrenalin; I experience now through sober spiritual practice, independent of external conditions.

I have created a program that combines all the tools that help me and my clients to live our best lives.

Are you a competitive, career driven, ambitious, midlife woman who has experienced external success but put extreme pressure on yourself to be the best?

Are you defining your worth through seeking acceptance and validation from your career success and/or relationships?

Has this led you to use alcohol to numb the incessant critical thoughts in your head?

Is this starting to backfire?

Would you like to love and accept every part of yourself including both the light and the dark?

Would you like to feel confident, grounded, peaceful, in integrity and aligned so that you can speak your truth and feel whole regardless of external metrics of success?

My signature online coaching program supports women just like you to get results just like these.

If you are ready to step into self acceptance in a way that feels light, peaceful and calm then you are in the right place.


Learn the 10 Steps To Radical Self Acceptance
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Raise Your Vibration
A daily practice along with regular energy work is absolutely vital in order to maintain our inner space.
It helps us to process and purify.
It gives us time and space to be truly with ourselves.

Know Yourself
Once your house is clean of the energy that is not yours, you start knowing your neutral.
You begin to actually know who you are!
For so long many of us have not been fully inhabiting our bodies.

Grace is what makes the magic happen.
Grace knows the state of our internal house and is 
more inclined to visit when it is clean and we have 
prepared for her.
Learning to love and accept ourselves requires a new set of tools. This guide is a proven roadmap to take us from self sabotage to self love!

This formula has taken me over a decade of intensive spiritual study with Himalayan Masters, initiations and years of training with a Balinese priest, pilgrimages that include: solo motorcycling through the Himalayas to monasteries and temples, 30 days spent alone in the wilderness thru hiking the Colorado Trail, multiple 10 day Vipassana meditation courses, years of intensive yoga training, and 1:1 work with clients to distill.
That's not all...
Grab the guide, and I'll also show you:
Raise Your Frequency
Thoughts create our reality
What we think we create.
Our thoughts fuel our actions. Learning how to become aware of our limiting thoughts and reprogram our brain changes our life.
Energy Alchemy
Energy clearing transforms dense lower frequency energy. It helps us to feel light, peaceful, and calm.
Spirit Team
We all have a spiritual team. When we learn how to listen to them and ask for assistance we open the door to Grace.

Practical Tools
Self love and radical self acceptance require a new set of tools. Ones that support us rather than sabotage us.⁠

Other Side Channelling Academy
Supports mid-life women as they move from self-sabotage to sobriety, unconditional self-love and radical self-acceptance so that they can feel worthy, and whole within themselves and confident speaking their truth.

Other Side Channelling Academy Client Success Stories

 I have greater peace, more love for myself, have experienced magic, spontaneous surprises, freedom from limiting beliefs, I feel reprogrammed and totally blown away.”

- Lizzie 
Writer / Celebrant
Oregon, USA

 "I trust my intuition, feel in my power, and have the confidence and clear guidance to help serve my community. I have stepped into my purpose."

- Sandee 
Yoga Teacher / Healer
Oregon, USA

Learn how to radically accept yourself sober.
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