10 Steps To Becoming A Clear Channel
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Namaste! I am Polly 
Spiritual Medium, Channeller and Coach.

Eleven years ago, I completed my first ten-day meditation course. 
Sitting in silence for eleven hours a day faced me with some undeniable truths. 

To make a long story short, I got sober and came to India.

I was searching for higher spiritual connection, and a way to be with myself that was loving, kind, and gentle.

I unpacked the lifetime of unprocessed trauma and emotion that I had covered up with addictions, and decided to walk through them.

I committed to a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

I found master teachers that showed me the way.   

I am still in India over ten years later, and have what I was searching for ....and more.

Not only do I have a joyful life and compassionate connection with myself, but also with the OtherSide.

I am never ever alone.

I have been called to create a program to help you to achieve the same thing and in a lot less time. 

Does this sound like something you want?

I transformed my sensitivities into my biggest asset
- a rainbow bridge to help you connect with your Team on THE OTHER SIDE.

Learn the 10 Steps To Becoming A Clear Channel
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Raise Your Vibration
A daily practice along with regular energy work is absolutely vital in order to maintain our inner space.
It helps us to process and purify.
It gives us time and space to be truly with ourselves.

Know Yourself
Once your house is clean of the energy that is not yours, you start knowing your neutral.
You begin to actually know who you are!
For so long many of us have not been fully inhabiting our bodies.

Grace is what makes the magic happen.
Grace knows the state of our internal house and is 
more inclined to visit when it is clean and we have 
prepared for her.
The world is in a Spiritual Crisis. We are being called to step up speak our truth and do what we are here on Earth to do. This guide is your proven roadmap to take you from self doubt to empowered!

Time is speeding up and you are needed to shine bright now. This formula has taken me ten years of intensive spiritual study with Himalayan Masters, initiation and years of training with a Balinese priest, pilgrimages that include: solo motorcycling through the Himalayas to monasteries and temples, 30 days spent alone in the wilderness, multiple 10 day meditation courses, years of intensive yoga training, and 1:1 work with hundreds of clients to distill.
That's not all...
Grab the guide, and I'll also show you:
Brain Retraining
Thoughts Create our reality
What you think you Create.
Limiting beliefs are thoughts we think a lot that hold us back from living our full potential. 
Energy Alchemy
Transforming dense lower frequency energy allows you the freedom to shine as your whole self. By clearing the dense energy you feel lighter and can see clearly.
Other Side Channelling
Clear guidance from the Other Side points you in the right direction. Learning how to tap in and hone your higher guidance aligns you with your unlimited potential.

Discover Your Dharma
Your Dharma is your life's work. It is the sum total of your special and unique gifts talents and abilities that you are here on earth to express.⁠

About Polly and The Other Side

I'm  Polly and I'm so glad you're here!

I am a spiritual medium, channeller, coach, and founder of OtherSide Channelling Academy.
 I help sensitive spiritual teachers and healers to overcome self doubt and fear of the OtherSide, understand and develop their sensitivities, and gain confidence in their inner wisdom and higher guidance so that they can use their intuitive gifts to help others and fulfill their dharma, without being weighed down by taking on on lower vibrational energy.

I have dedicated my entire life to fulfilling my dharma as a rainbow bridge helping hundreds of clients to see through the veils, raise their vibration and connect with their guides, so they can do what they are here on Earth to do!

Client Transformations

After 8 weeks working the 10 steps in this guide...

“Now I trust myself and my intuition.
I have a connection with the Other Side. I have greater peace, more love for myself, have experienced magic, spontaneous surprises, freedom from limiting beliefs, I feel reprogrammed and totally blown away.”

- Lizzie 
Writer / Celebrant
Oregon, USA

"After 8 weeks I have a completely different body. I now trust my intuition, feel in my power, and have the confidence and clear guidance to make plant medicine to help serve my community. I have stepped into my purpose."

- Sandee Lawless
Yoga Teacher / Healer
Oregon, USA

Learn how to hone your higher guidance.
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